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The Pleasure of Writing Engraved Cards - Gold Feather (6ct)

Product Description
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The Pleasure of Writing is proud to present its our own line of engraved stationery. Engraving is the pinnacle of all printing techniques. One of the oldest printing techniques in the world, it is considered a beautiful and unique decorative technique. Currencies around the world, including the dollar, have been engraved as a form of not only decoration, but fraud prevention for years because of how precise a paper engraving must be. Engraving requires a die, that is hand cut with a recessed image into steel or acid etched into copper.

The process of engraving works by forcing ink out of the die and onto paper under very high pressure. The distinguishing mark of engraving is that the image and type is raised on the paper. Each color is printed one at a time. Sometimes an embossing run is added to bring a three dimensional feel to the image by pressing the edges of the image in the opposite direction of the raised engraving. The paper is hand fed and each piece is printed one at a time with up to 6 tons of pressure, creating an engraved and embossed image with startling clarity, color purity and depth.
Sku: BIT2007-2