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Since 1774, Pineider has been known for its excellent handmade paper, writing instruments, and leather goods. The brand's prestige is built on its exceptional heritage and willingness to innovate.

Pineider's history begins with innovation when, in 1774, Mr. Francesco Pineider opened his first stationery shop in Florence. He sold the first personalized printed letters in Italy, drawn from Anglo-Saxon and Germanic traditions. By 1800, Pineider's had become a mandatory stop for Grand Tour travellers passing through Florence. Notable visitors included Stendhal, Lord Byron, Percy Shelley, Giacomo Leopardi and Napoleon.

When Florence became the Italian capital in 1865, Peneider's customers expanded to include embassies, ministries, state offices and sovereigns. When the Italian capital moved to Rome in 1870, Pineider opened a second shop in the Eternal City to cater to the needs of the Royal Court.

Pineider entered the writing instruments market in 1884 with a fountain pen and patented ink loading system, then expanded to the leather goods marked in 1890 with pen and paper storage. By 1900, their personalized paper, pens guaranteed for life, and extraordinary writing desk sets were distributed worldwide thanks to the appreciation shown by politicians, public figures, and celebrities (among them Luigi Pirandello, Maria Callas, Elizabeth Taylor, Luchino Visconti, and Rudolf Nureyev).

Pineider was honored by the Italian Government in 2001 when it was chosen as one of the official suppliers for the G8 Summit in Genoa. They were further honored in 2009 when the heads of state at the G8 Summit in L’Aquila received gifts of some Pineider products selected by the Italian Government.

Pineider celebrated its 240-year anniversary in 2014 with the 'Ego 240' limited edition of writing instruments. Then, in 2017, with the Rovagnati family as a new shareholder, Pineider was re-launched with a renewed passion for and emphasis on Italian quality, history, and craftsmanship in its historic three areas: fine papers, writing instruments and functional leather goods.

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