Warranty Information

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Is The Pleasure of Writing™ an authorized retailer for all of the brands it offers?
Yes! We are an authorized retailer for all of our brands. We always purchase our products through the U.S. distributor for a brand (if one exists), or otherwise directly from the manufacturer.  We believe in our products and we aim to give excellent customer service and stand behind everything we sell. All of our products are new and authentic from the manufacturer.  Some specific items may have been sold out for many years and do not come with warranties. Any issues on these special pieces are handled on a case-by-case basis.

What is the Manufacturer’s Warranty Policy?
What is the Manufacturer’s warranty policy?  The manufacturer’s warranty policies vary from brand to brand.

Always remember, we are here for you!  The Pleasure of Writing offers full warranty and repair stewardship services in dealing with our distributors and manufacturers.

If you have any issues with a product we will try our best to facilitate a repair or exchange, lease contact us at info@thepleasureofwriting.com.