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The Marketplace predominantly hosts writing instruments and related accessories, both vintage and contemporary. However, there are specific exclusions. We retain the discretion to decline listings that don't align with the marketplace's criteria.

For items sold on the Marketplace sellers can opt to receive the cash value for their item sold or opt to receive a credit towards purchases on the entire The Pleasure Of Writing Website including all new Releases. 

  • The Cash Value is 70% of the item price - $12 Admin Fee
  • The Site Credit Value is 80% - $ 12 Admin Fee
Example:  Item sold for $500 - Cash Value = 70% = $350 - $12 = Payout= $338
                                                 Credit Value = 80% =$400 - $12 = Credit =  $388
  • For items listed using the TPOW Listing Service the Cash Value is 50%

To uphold the quality of our marketplace, we at TPOW only entertain listings for items that are classified asMint/New,Excellent, orGoodcondition. We do not accommodate listings for items bearing any faults or those deemed unfit for the Marketplace standards. The ultimate decision on whether an item qualifies for listing is made by our dedicated support team following your submission for a potential sale.

Determining the price for a fine writing instrument, especially when listing it for resale on the Marketplace, involves considering several factors. Here's a guide on how to assess the appropriate price:

  •  Original Cost: Begin with the original price of the instrument. This serves as a baseline, though the final resale value may deviate significantly based on other factors.
  •  Brand and Rarity: High-end brands or rare items typically have a better resale value. Limited edition pens or those from sought-after manufacturers can command higher prices.
  •  Condition: This is crucial.
  •  Mint/Brand New: Never used, with original packaging and documentation.
  • Excellent: Barely used with no noticeable flaws.
  • Good: Used but well-maintained.
  • Fair: Shows signs of wear and may have minor damages.
  • Poor: Heavy signs of use or damage.
Please be aware that we may reject Writing Instruments in poor or fair condition. Pens with poor or fair conditions are better suited to be sold on pen shows and vintage markets.
  •  Age and Vintage Status: Some older pens, especially those considered vintage or antique, can be more valuable. However, age alone doesn't guarantee value; the item's condition and demand are also essential.
  •  Material and Craftsmanship: Pens made of precious materials like gold, silver, or adorned with gemstones, or those showcasing exquisite craftsmanship, can fetch higher prices.
  •  Supply and Demand: Check the current market demand. If there's a surge in interest for a particular type or brand of pen, it might fetch a higher price.
  •  Ink Filling Mechanism: Certain ink filling mechanisms, like piston fillers or vacuum fillers, might be more desirable to collectors and enthusiasts than cartridge/converter fillers.
  •  Original Packaging and Documentation: Having the original box, warranty card, user manual, or any certificates of authenticity can increase the pen's value.
  •  Market Research:
  •  Competitive Analysis: Look at similar listings on websites, forums, and auction sites to gauge the going rate.
  • Historical Prices: If available, check past sale prices for similar items.
  • Appraisal: For especially valuable or rare items, consider getting a professional appraisal. Experts can provide insights into the item's value based on intricate details that general sellers might overlook.

Once you've considered all these factors, set a price. It's also wise to periodically reassess your price based on market changes, feedback from potential buyers, or if you're in a hurry to sell.