Pilot Iroshizuku Bottled Ink

Pilot SKU: PIL-17714

Pilot Iroshizuku Bottled Ink

Pilot SKU: PIL-17714
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The name Iroshizuku is a combination of the Japanese words Iro (Color), expressing high standards and variation of colors, and Shizuku (Dew or Droplet), that embodies the very image of dripping water.

The name of each ink color derives from the expressions of beautiful Japanese landscapes and plants which contribute to the depth of each individual hue.

  • Hana-ikada, inspired by beautiful cherry blossoms collecting gracefully on top of a flowing a river. is a gorgeous, rich pink hue.
  • Kosumosu, or Cosmos, is named for the bright pink cosmos flower that blooms in autumn, also known as the Autumn Sakura.

  • Momiji evokes the mix of colors found on Maple trees in autumn.
  • Tsutsuji is named for the beautiful azalea flowers it takes its color from.
  • Yama-budo represents the juice of the crimson glory vine berries.
  • Murasaki-shikibu is a representation of the purple beautyberry fruits, but can also be associated with the nickname of a famous Japanese poet/novelist from the Heian period.
  • Fuyu-gaki calls to mind a fresh, ripe persimmon harvested in fall.
  • Yu-yake is a representation of one of many colors you can find in a Japanese sunset.
  • Hotaru-bi is inspired by the soft, light of delicate fireflies, its color a bright chartreuse green with warm yellow hues.
  • Chiku-rin evokes the color of a bamboo grove when sunlight filters through the leaves.
  • Shin-ryoku is a lovely nod to the many forests of Japan.
  • Sui-gyoku is inspired by the deep green shine in a highly precious, esteemed emerald gemstone.
  • Syo-ro is the beautiful green of pine trees.
  • Ku-jaku is a beautiful representation of a peacock's body feathers.
  • Tsuki-yo evokes a cloudless, moonlit sky.
  • Ama-iro evokes the mid-day sky over Japan.
  • Kon-peki evokes the blue of Japan's skies in mid-afternoon.
  • Shin-kai evokes the deep sea off Japan's coasts.
  • Tsuyu-kusa evokes the beautiful Asiatic dayflower which blooms for a single day.
  • Asa-gao represents the morning glory flower that has been cultivated in Japan for many years.
  • Ajisai evokes the beautiful blue-purple petals of the hydrangea flower, some species of which are native to Japan.
  • Ina-ho evokes the rice fields during harvest season when everything has turned golden brown.
  • Tsukushi is representative of the horsetail plant used in cooking and to polish wood.
  • Yama-guri is named for the wild chestnut, and likely takes its color from the husk.
  • Fuyu-syogun, also known as Old Man Winter, brings to mind the gray skies one often sees in winter.
  • Kiri-Same is named for the mists that descend in Japan as winter approaches.
  • Take-sumi represents the bamboo charcoal that is so popular in Japan and can be found in everything from air purifiers to health supplements.

Manufacturer : Pilot
Product Type : Ink Bottle
Quantity : 50ml

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