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Namiki Nippon Art Crane & Turtle Fountain Pen

Product Description
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Utilizing painstaking traditional techniques the Nippon Art line pays homage to the legacy of Namiki writing instruments.  In using the method of Hari Maki-e, a practice that requires the utmost skill and patience, Namiki has ensured that every writing instrument produced in this line will be a treasure to any who possess them.

The Nippon Art Crane & Turtle fountain pen highlights two significant natural symbols in Japanese culture: the crane, considered to the bird of happiness, is depicted in art, literature, and mythology as a symbol of good luck and longevity.  The turtle, equally revered in Japanese culture, is specifically depicted here as the traditional mythical turtle-like being, the "minogame," distinguishable from its more reality-bound relatives by its tail made of seaweed and algae and, like the crane, its longevity.  Much like any Namiki, this pen seems destined to spend many long years with its user.

This Yukari-sized pen has a 14k gold nib in size #10, fills via cartridge/converter (a CON-70 is included), and comes packaged in a wooden box. Each pen takes months to create.

Due to the limited nature of this release, returns will not be accepted; contact us if you have any problems with your purchase and we will work together with Namiki to ensure your satisfaction.
Sku: S013-FN-5M-TK